Sunday, January 25, 2009

School Games Night

Testimonials for a Curious Kids Maths Game Night:

"On the 2nd of September 2008, St Louis’ Maths Olympics Students helped to organise and run the Curious Kids Games Night. Different students are assigned to different games and parents and younger students play them, while some of the Year 5 and 6 students instructed them. There were many different games for different age levels and different mathematical areas.

These games were extremely enjoyable and involved a lot of thinking and challenges, which are essential for young development. The games make excellent additions to a classroom or household that children can enjoy while exercising their brains. The Curious Kids Games are perfect for kids as they are fun and educational. They are efficient in improving mathematical skills and a great way to have fun. Kids will find these games to be exciting and extremely fun to play all the time."

Written by Kallin and Matilda, Year 6, St Louis de Montforts.

"Our school decided to increase the profile of mathematics within our community, so we embarked on a Curious Kids’ games night! The evening was a huge success as some of the Year 5/6 students organised and ran the night. Everyone from toddlers, students, parents and TEACHERS had a ball!! It was great to see some of the 5/6 students take on the responsibility of a leadership role, with parents commenting about the brilliant job they did with explaining the games. The night brought mathematics to the forefront of the community, with everyone leaving understanding that maths is FUN!!

I would strongly recommend all schools to hold a Curious Kids’ Games Night!"

Bill Garland, Teacher
St Louis de Montforts

To find out about hosting a Curious Kids Maths Games Night at your school visit our website or contact Curious Kids Head Office at 03 5971 5333.

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