Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun With Puppets

Encourage Imagination with Puppetry

Puppets are the children’s toy that has truly lasted the test of time. Evidence of puppets has been found in a variety of civilizations all through the ages. They are a very simple multifunctional toy with many great benefits for a Childs learning and development. The benefits include encouraging imaginative play, role playing, developing language skills, expression through externalisation and best of all they are just great fun

Here are some ideas for different ways in which you can use puppets with your child:

1. Storytelling – act out the story with puppets or have the puppet
Read the story to the child. Bigger children can alternatively read the story to the puppet or simply tell their interpretation of the story to the puppet

2. Playdate – Plan a date and time for the puppet to arrive for a
Playdate and let your child know. Make sure to follow through with all the little details like having the puppet ring the front door bell and letting your child answer. Have specified rules like a normal playdate, puppet can only stay for an hour etc. This requires the most planning and time needs to be set aside just for that specific child – puppets full attention is required.

3. Lead and Follow – let the child lead in play by showing the
Puppet how the world functions. This is a great way for you to explore your Childs interpretation of many things? Ask a lot of why? Questions, Yes those ones that drive you Mad. You will be amazed at how much your child knows that they otherwise never express.

4. Role Playing – More than just a single puppet is usually required.
Both you and your child take on different identities and role play a scenario etc – great for playing house, shopping etc.

5. Play hide and seek – Hide the puppet and let your child find it.
Great introduction to the rules of Hide and seek when no other play mates are available.

6. Act out situations – If a situation is coming up that may be scary
for the child or you would like to reinforce a behaviour etc then act out the situation with puppets. Explain that puppet is going to the dentist and needs to sit very still and quiet while the doctor examines their mouth. Act out being the dentist and the puppet is the patient. Toddlers and preschoolers react better to situations if they know what is coming beforehand, and externalising the situation through the puppet helps give them a better understanding.

7. In Place of an Imaginary Friends – Many preschoolers have
imaginary friends, why not give the friend a puppet identity?

8. Emotions – Discuss the effect that a childs actions has on the
emotions of the puppet. Explain that the puppet feels angry because mummy said no and explain what anger is and what it feels like. Toddlers and Preschoolers are not able to express and deal with emotions hence we have tantrums, discussing what these feelings are can be a great help in helping change certain behaviours.

9. Externalisation – If a child is upset and refuses to tell you what
has happened, try using puppets. Children will often easily explain a situation or something that happened if the subject is not themselves – hence blaming imaginary friends for broken items. Externalising the situation and taking blame away from themselves is a normal part of toddler development.

10. Meal Times – difficult eater? Invite the puppet over for dinner
on the condition that the subject demonstrates excellent table manners and eats their dinner. Works wonders but only if it’s not something that is used all the time. Toddlers cotton on really quick and it looses its exciting edge.

Jessica Rodda, Independent Seller for Curious Kids

Come and Join Us

Curious Kids is a small privately owned business which brings a range of award winning educational games and toys to Australian homes and schools.
Our customers are able to “play” with our samples and thereby make their own ”educated decision” about which products meet their, and their families needs.

As a Curious Kids Agent you can:
* work as much or as little as suits you
* earn a worthwhile income
* run a rewarding yet simple business
* enjoy the prestige of selling a quality range
* benefit from low business costs and maximum profits

You have two options for joining us.
The first as a regular party plan agent, selling in the home, in the workplace, child care centres, kindergartens and schools. A general business starter kit is available for $400.
The second option is for those who are interested in focusing on selling to educational institutions and running maths games nights for them. The outlay for a specialized kit is from $600.

Call the owner of Curious Kids, Heather McIntosh, on (03) 5971 5333 to find out more about this wonderful opportunity also visit

Being an Independent Seller with Curious Kids

Family Benefits

Your Curious Kids kit is made up of international and national award winning games and products. The range cleverly covers from birth to adult and for both sexes. Your family has the exciting opportunity of growing up with an exceptional and enjoyable range that you can tailor to suit their needs.

Your childrens’ friends love to come over as your home offers fun and different games. Products that are not commercialised, mass marketed or rely on a power point for entertainment. Rewarding activities that allow social interaction and skills on many levels.

Personal Benefits

Heather has a successful background in marketing, and educational products. Her personal experience in life and the running of her own business is diverse and invaluable. Heather’s approach to her ‘Curious Kids’ is one of dedication, passion and a strong belief in education for all ages.

Heather is personally supportive and generous with aspirations, goals and any queries you have as an independent seller with Curious Kids.

The opportunities are endless working with individuals, families, preschools, schools, aged care and so on. Hours and times that suit your personal situation.

It is a business where you know you will get personalised support, promoting exceptional games and products for all ages.

Gillian Neill
Independent Seller for Curious Kids since March 2004.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where has Quality Gone?

Like many parents, I am always keeping one eye open and one ear out for new ideas and products to assist with my children’s development and education. My general aim is to provide quality items that will out last my children’s attention and hopefully help sharpen their skills. At certain special times of the year I find myself trawling store after store, aisle after aisle looking for something new, of good educational value, multifunctional, and of course the big hurdle, being reasonably priced.

Time and time again I come home empty handed feeling battered and bruised by huge marketing companies and disappointed at the quality of the items available. Take for example my most recent toy purchase; a movie character figurine that was intended to keep my little fan entertained on a very long car trip. As it turned out within 5 minutes a leg was displaced, which was then subsequently followed by 60 minutes of crying and a lot of heartache and disappointment from myself. My good intentions had again resulted in distress and young minds are unable to comprehend the reasons why.

Curious Kids is a dream come true. It’s my perfect store! All the products are excellent quality, educationally focused and completely affordable, perfectly meeting my own personal criteria. There is something for every age group including the whole family and satisfaction is guaranteed with the 14 day returns policy. I am taken aback every time with the beauty and quality of some of the pieces and how flawlessly they flow through different age groups. It is wonderful to know that other people share my beliefs in children’s products and that Curious Kids is there.

Thank you Curious Kids!

One Hugely Satisfied Customer.

Why I am with Curious Kids

Being a consultant with Curious Kids is just wonderful for my family. Curious Kids offers a great degree of flexibility that really fits in well with our family dynamics and lifestyle.I’m a mother of 4 beautiful children aged from 9 to 2 and am also studying a full-load of uni subjects externally.

I enjoy promoting Curious Kids because the products are really great – they sell themselves!! I love the 14 day guarantee that is behind Curious Kids – this allows my customers to purchase with confidence and it means that I don’t need to stock all of the products in my kit straight away. I’ve helped to raise money for my local school by running a fundraiser with Curious Kids and this has helped promote the products.

I love the way that Curious Kids is so flexible with what I am currently doing, and there is no pressure to sell a certain amount each month, so I can have times when I might sell a lot, or not much at all (depending on my other commitments and my ability to do demonstrations at the time).

Curious Kids is a great way to generate an income while at the same time, having fun! The added bonus is that my own family love the games and products too. We enjoy having games on hand to play together and when friends visit. It is a great way to break out of the TV habit. I strongly believe that the Curious Kids’ products are of good quality and would make a wonderful addition to any home, which is why they are so easy to sell. I also love being able to let people ‘play’ during a demonstration and think that it is great that the range caters for all ages from 0 – 103!

I’d recommend being a Curious Kids consultant to anyone who wanted to try it. The support from Heather McIntosh (who owns Curious Kids) is really fantastic and continues to this day”.

Thanks Heather for a great opportunity. Curious Kids *is* really great.

Juanita Eime

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Bilibo ~ an exciting product from the Physical Play section of the Curious Kids range.

The best toy you could give a little kid - a toy that is something different every time they play with it. You may well have seen a child playing with an empty box - but to them it's not a box. It's a plane, a car, a house, a mountain, a magic can be whatever they want it to be. Bilibo is a durable box a fantastic addition to a child's play. Link to the following page to see children at play with bilibos.

"Bilibo - no lights, sound or batteries - all you add is imagination.

Bilibo is a new kind of toy - the elementary shell leaves room for a child's imagination. Instead of imposing a specific play pattern, Bilibo is open for a wide range of interpretations and encourages children to invent their own games, to play and have fun in an active and creative way. Indoors and out-doors, the sand-pit, at the water or even in the snow - Bilibo is full of surprises.

Made from high-density polyetheylene, non-toxic, shock and fade resistant, 100% recyclable."

Learn more about Bilibo at the dedicated Bilibo website

Host a Curious Kids Party and you can try one for yourself ~ and buy it for half price perhaps too! To find out more follow click here

Best Product 2008 - ITSA
Finalist - Home Beautiful Product of the Year (2007)
UK Good Toy Award 2006 - Toy of the Year

Number 1 in The Guardian's 50 Great Ideas for the 21st Century

School Games Night

Testimonials for a Curious Kids Maths Game Night:

"On the 2nd of September 2008, St Louis’ Maths Olympics Students helped to organise and run the Curious Kids Games Night. Different students are assigned to different games and parents and younger students play them, while some of the Year 5 and 6 students instructed them. There were many different games for different age levels and different mathematical areas.

These games were extremely enjoyable and involved a lot of thinking and challenges, which are essential for young development. The games make excellent additions to a classroom or household that children can enjoy while exercising their brains. The Curious Kids Games are perfect for kids as they are fun and educational. They are efficient in improving mathematical skills and a great way to have fun. Kids will find these games to be exciting and extremely fun to play all the time."

Written by Kallin and Matilda, Year 6, St Louis de Montforts.

"Our school decided to increase the profile of mathematics within our community, so we embarked on a Curious Kids’ games night! The evening was a huge success as some of the Year 5/6 students organised and ran the night. Everyone from toddlers, students, parents and TEACHERS had a ball!! It was great to see some of the 5/6 students take on the responsibility of a leadership role, with parents commenting about the brilliant job they did with explaining the games. The night brought mathematics to the forefront of the community, with everyone leaving understanding that maths is FUN!!

I would strongly recommend all schools to hold a Curious Kids’ Games Night!"

Bill Garland, Teacher
St Louis de Montforts

To find out about hosting a Curious Kids Maths Games Night at your school visit our website or contact Curious Kids Head Office at 03 5971 5333.