Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why I am with Curious Kids

Being a consultant with Curious Kids is just wonderful for my family. Curious Kids offers a great degree of flexibility that really fits in well with our family dynamics and lifestyle.I’m a mother of 4 beautiful children aged from 9 to 2 and am also studying a full-load of uni subjects externally.

I enjoy promoting Curious Kids because the products are really great – they sell themselves!! I love the 14 day guarantee that is behind Curious Kids – this allows my customers to purchase with confidence and it means that I don’t need to stock all of the products in my kit straight away. I’ve helped to raise money for my local school by running a fundraiser with Curious Kids and this has helped promote the products.

I love the way that Curious Kids is so flexible with what I am currently doing, and there is no pressure to sell a certain amount each month, so I can have times when I might sell a lot, or not much at all (depending on my other commitments and my ability to do demonstrations at the time).

Curious Kids is a great way to generate an income while at the same time, having fun! The added bonus is that my own family love the games and products too. We enjoy having games on hand to play together and when friends visit. It is a great way to break out of the TV habit. I strongly believe that the Curious Kids’ products are of good quality and would make a wonderful addition to any home, which is why they are so easy to sell. I also love being able to let people ‘play’ during a demonstration and think that it is great that the range caters for all ages from 0 – 103!

I’d recommend being a Curious Kids consultant to anyone who wanted to try it. The support from Heather McIntosh (who owns Curious Kids) is really fantastic and continues to this day”.

Thanks Heather for a great opportunity. Curious Kids *is* really great.

Juanita Eime