Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where has Quality Gone?

Like many parents, I am always keeping one eye open and one ear out for new ideas and products to assist with my children’s development and education. My general aim is to provide quality items that will out last my children’s attention and hopefully help sharpen their skills. At certain special times of the year I find myself trawling store after store, aisle after aisle looking for something new, of good educational value, multifunctional, and of course the big hurdle, being reasonably priced.

Time and time again I come home empty handed feeling battered and bruised by huge marketing companies and disappointed at the quality of the items available. Take for example my most recent toy purchase; a movie character figurine that was intended to keep my little fan entertained on a very long car trip. As it turned out within 5 minutes a leg was displaced, which was then subsequently followed by 60 minutes of crying and a lot of heartache and disappointment from myself. My good intentions had again resulted in distress and young minds are unable to comprehend the reasons why.

Curious Kids is a dream come true. It’s my perfect store! All the products are excellent quality, educationally focused and completely affordable, perfectly meeting my own personal criteria. There is something for every age group including the whole family and satisfaction is guaranteed with the 14 day returns policy. I am taken aback every time with the beauty and quality of some of the pieces and how flawlessly they flow through different age groups. It is wonderful to know that other people share my beliefs in children’s products and that Curious Kids is there.

Thank you Curious Kids!

One Hugely Satisfied Customer.

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