Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Being an Independent Seller with Curious Kids

Family Benefits

Your Curious Kids kit is made up of international and national award winning games and products. The range cleverly covers from birth to adult and for both sexes. Your family has the exciting opportunity of growing up with an exceptional and enjoyable range that you can tailor to suit their needs.

Your childrens’ friends love to come over as your home offers fun and different games. Products that are not commercialised, mass marketed or rely on a power point for entertainment. Rewarding activities that allow social interaction and skills on many levels.

Personal Benefits

Heather has a successful background in marketing, and educational products. Her personal experience in life and the running of her own business is diverse and invaluable. Heather’s approach to her ‘Curious Kids’ is one of dedication, passion and a strong belief in education for all ages.

Heather is personally supportive and generous with aspirations, goals and any queries you have as an independent seller with Curious Kids.

The opportunities are endless working with individuals, families, preschools, schools, aged care and so on. Hours and times that suit your personal situation.

It is a business where you know you will get personalised support, promoting exceptional games and products for all ages.

Gillian Neill
Independent Seller for Curious Kids since March 2004.

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